I want to spend my spare TIME helping people

We felt the risky environment and circumstances for our neighbors. Then we started working for them in our community. Day after day, we have received a delightful response from the people who live here.

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Changing the world one street at a time... Helping individuals and families meet basic needs, impacting a large number of people, promoting equality and creating lasting positive change.


From doing case management for 10 plus years, I have observed a gap between the most in need and the baseline requirements to access most resources or receive basic supportive services. Through Neighborhood Allies, I plan to incorporate street ambassadors to provide transportation, motivation and support helping their neighbors do things such as: meet basic needs (like a ride to the grocery store or food pantries), accessing resources (like getting a ID or medical benefits), manage responsibilities (like going to court or probation).

Noel Beyer, President


We are a non-profit group of volunteers allied with our neighborhoods to provide assistance to those in need to improve their quality of life as well as that of our community in general.

  • We dream about a new world for ourneighbors
  • Together, we're going to make the future
  • Share your skills and love your neightbor
Why ChoOse us

Neighborod Allies is local, and only serves the 513 area code. We are built to handle the needs of our neighbors, and in fact that's all we do. Contact us if you'd like to be an ambassador, or if you need help.

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